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please read this carefully when you make a reservation with us
whether by e mail telephone or post
when you make the booking these conditions are deemed to have been accepted by you




(booking refers to the reservation of the property by the holidaymaker and is taken on the agreement that the property will be used soley for the purpose of the holiday

a/ you can contact us by email  or by telephone 01743718984 to confirm an availability and to discuss anything prior to your booking using the email address familyholiday @

b/ weekly bookings are usually friday to friday starting from 4.30pm on friday to 10.00 am the following friday a weekend booking is usually friday from 4.30pm to sunday 10.00am flexibility may be possible with prior approval and charity donation, it is not always possible and not always guaranteed, we may not be able to confirm early check in until a few days before arrival.

c/ payment is accepted via  credit card, debit card, direct transfer or postal order (payable to Emma Morris) but not cheque. If you pay by direct transfer you must let us know so we can update the booking.

d/ If the arrival date is 3 months or sooner from the day of booking, the full amount needs to be paid with a completed booking form, this can be easily completed online, and is preferred.

e/if the arrival date is more than 3 months in advance, then a 50% deposit can be paid, with the remaining balance due 3 months before the start of the holiday

f/ the booking form must be completed by a member of the party occupying the property and must be over 18 years of age. When signing the booking form the signatory must be authorised to agree to the booking conditions on behalf of all persons included on the booking form.

g/ we now take a £300 good housekeeping security deposit, this is in the form of this amount being held on a credit card  2 days before arrivaland then charged after your stay should there be excessive cleaning, washing up, rubbish, dog faeces, hairs, property damage, this is then released within 7 days of departure should it not be needed.The person making the booking will be liable for the damage.


g/ payment of a deposit constitutes a binding contract and the holidaymaker is liable for the full charge.

h/ it is expected that the person making the booking takes out the appropriate travel insurance to cover all persons staying at the property and takes out the appropriate travel insurance to cover their stay. The person making the booking is seen to be responsible for covering the whole booking. If the person making the booking chooses not to take out travel insurance or takes out a policy that is not adequate then it is that person's responsibility and not the responsibility of the property owner should the booking need to be cancelled for any reason.

i/ all bookings taken from 23rd march 2020 have been taken in the knowledge that the covid pandemic is current and ongoing and that circumstances can change overnight. Therefore it is more important than ever to be sure the booking is correctly covered by insurance as refunds can only be given if the property is ordered to close by the government.


The contract is for a short term holiday and is between the owners of Ryton Grange and the person making the booking and all members of the holiday party under our booking conditions within this document. The contract of hire is not effective until we have received and processed the deposit. The person making the booking must be 18 years old or older

The agreement to stay in the property for the holiday period, does not create the relationship of Landlord and Tenant between the parties. You shall not be entitled to a new tenancy, or to any assured short hold or assured tenancy or any statutory protection under the Housing Act 1988 or other statutory security of tenure now or at the end of the Holiday Period./ i/ the booking terms are deemed to be read and accepted by you on receipt of a payment.



a/ this is a non smoking property no smoking is permitted within any rooms of the property. Smoking is permitted outside, but you must pick up any waste resulting from this. Taking of any prohibited recreational drugs is also strictly prohibited. If you do smoke within the prohibited areas or consume illegal drugs anywhere on the property then we will terminate your booking without refund and require you to leave immediately.

b/ due to the structure, age  and location of the property there are various unavoidable access issues (see details in our access statement) including some areas of restricted head height, uneven floors, uneven stairs gravel outside. If access may be an issue for you please take time to read the statement before making a booking or phone to discuss your access requirements to avoid disappointment.

c/ pets are not allowed inside the property without permission, if they do enter, the property must be left clean without any trace of the pet on departure.You must pick up dog faeces and clean away any hairs before departure. Failure to remove dog faeces from any part of the property will attract a £100 fine, taken from the good housekeeping deposit, held funds at check out. We ask for  £25 per dog per stay which is given to charity.

d/ if a dog has been allowed by prior arrangement to stay then the following rules must apply..the dog must not be allowed onto any furniture including sofas and beds, dogs are not allowed on rugs or carpet, the dogs must not be left alone in the property and all sign of dog must be removed from the house and garden and binned in external bins before departure (eg hairs and faeces).

d/ children are welcome!! we can provide a travel cot (we have 4) or cot bed (we have 1) if required. A booster seat and 2 high chairs are available on request. There is no charge for the use of these facilities, but if the item is damaged or broken by you then the cost of a replacement must be paid for by you and it must be left cleaned before departure. For the travel cots we need prior notice of your requirements and you will need to provide bedding for baby safety.

e/ if babies have been using the property then their nappies must be binned in the external bins before departure

f/ bed linen and towels are provided, but not for baby cots(for baby safety).

g/ With regret..we do not now accept bookings for lively stag parties, but quiet hen and stag groups are welcome.

h/ loud music outside is not allowed after midnight . Drones and fireworks are not allowed without prior discussion with the owner.

i/ there are 2 barns  available to hire separately or can be included in the rental of ryton grange at extra cost. They are separately contained properties located next door to ryton grange and the hay barn overlooks the garden. If the house only is hired then we reserve the right to hire out the barns to another party. There are now 5 options, to book house plus both barns together, house plus one barn (church or hay), house alone or either  barn alone, the garden room is at a separate site. 

j/ the electrics at ryton grange and its associated barns are not compatible with charging your vehicles there is a high risk that you will overload the system causing the electrics to stop working or cause a fire, therefore and regrettably we cannot allow the charging of vehicles onsite. Anyone found in breach of this will lose the security deposit, and be liable should any damage be caused from this.


the hirer agrees to..

a/ to take all reasonable and proper care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the stay as it was found. Particular attention must be given to the kitchen and bathroom to ensure all equipment and utensils are left clean and tidy. The use of foil under the grill will help to keep the oven clean. Bins must be left empty. If the BBQ has been used it must be free from grease and food before departure.

b/ a cleaning service can be provided at extra cost and prior arrangement with the owners. 

c/ to pay for any breakages, losses or damage to the property before departure. You are legally required to pay for breakages caused by any member of your party. You will be liable for costs relating to damages and these will be charged after your stay. these will be taken from your security good housekeeping deposit within 7 days of departure.

d/ the hirer is responsible for any extraordinary cleaning costs incurred (eg smoking smells, pet damage etc). If the property is left unreasonably dirty then a cleaning fee of £150 to £180 will be charged.

e/ you are not allowed to sublet or share the property except with persons included on the initial booking form. The maximum number of adults that this property is suitable for in proper beds is 12 for the farmhouse , 6 for the hay barn, 5 for the church barn and 2 for the garden room. it is not allowed to sleep more people than the advertised capacity, whether they are children or adults, exception for babies in travel cots may be made. This is to comply with fire regulations and insurance.

f/ the use of any equipment including any outdoor play equipment must be done at the hirers risk and the owner accepts no responsibility for any consequences. If the equipment is broken the hirer is liable to pay for any breakages, it must be left clean and in good order on departure. If the barbecue is used it must be cleaned before departure.

g/ the owners do not accept liability for any loss or damage to personal effects, baggage, motor vehicles etc. Cars are parked at the owners risk. If anything is left in the property accidentally, the hirers must inform the owners as soon as possible so that the item can be located, postage charges will apply to return the item back to the hirer. Items left may be disposed of or donated to a local charity. 

h/ owners must be allowed reasonable access with prior consent to the property to carry out any urgent maintenance.

i/ the owners reserve the right to refuse entry or repossess the property without notice and without refund if it is considered that the occupiers are unsuitable for any reason or are in breach of the terms.

j/ For stays including the main house, a booking deposit is charged to the value of £300. This is taken by our payment provider 2 days before you arrive, it is taken as a ringfenced payment so that the funds are not given to us, but ringfenced by the card company..we have every intention to return this payment within 7 days of departure..but please be aware that you will not be refunded if the property is left excessively unclean or if any parts of the property or its contents inside or out have been damaged by the hirer this includes bedding and paintwork. You will also not receive your deposit back if you are seen to charge your car fro the property as the electrics are not modern or safe enough to facilitate this.

k/ we are not liable should there be an unexpected general power cut, water supply issue or telecommunications supply problem.


l/ the hirer must inform the owner as soon as possible should there be a faulty piece of equipment so that the owners can rectify this for you as soon as is possible.

m/ this is an old property in a rural location, surrounded by wildlife, occasionally wildlife may pay a visit into the property, if this occurs, you will not be liable for a refund but we will endeavour to help you to remove the wildlife should this situation arise. Thre property has been modernised but is not a 5 star hotel, it has some imperfections which lend to its old fashioned charm, guests used to a five star holiday may not enjoy this property.



Do not travel to the property if you are showing symptoms of coronavirus. If you develop symptoms whilst you are staying you must inform the owner immediately and seek testing. You are required to leave the property as soon as you are able. Results of testing must be reported to the owner. If you are unable to leave the property on your designated departure date you will be liable for payment of extra nights and if it impacts on future guests you will be liable for the cost of their stay in full.


a/ if the property becomes unavailable due to physical damage caused to the property, such as damage from fire, flooding or storms all rent paid will be immediately refunded in full. The hirer will have no further claims against the owner.

b/ If the property availability is affected by a reason outside of the owners control such as a force majeure, act of war, nuclear explosion, drought, industrial action, disease outbreak or other such external event, you will be required to use your travel insurance to reclaim your booking value. We will not be liable for any events outside of our control.



If the hirer wishes to cancel the booking he/she should advise the owners immediately by telephone, followed by a confirmatory letter in writing. Upon receipt of such a letter the owner will (but without obligation to the hirer) use their best endeavors to obtain a replacement letting. If such a replacement is found then will refund monies paid less a £100 rebooking fee. and any readvertising fee incurred.

If the owner is unable to relet then the owner shall be entitled to retain all payments already made .

Cancellation insurance can be purchased widely and is now an essential part of the booking process and these terms and conditions require you to take this out. This is the hirers responsibility.

If the hirer has not completed the full payment and has paid a 50% deposit, this is non refundable.

If you cancel before the balance is paid, you are still liable for the balance if we are unable to relet the property.



We make every effort to ensure the property is supplied to you with all facilities and equipment listed, we rely on you letting us know if there is any problem with the property as soon as it becomes apparent to you to give us an opportunity to correct it.

please communicate with us we want to help, we are human and wish you a fabulous holiday!!!



We are here to help you, and all of our contact details are left in the property for you to get hold of us, day or night.  We live less than 1 mile away. If we are away we have relatives on call for you, If something is not right please inform us immediately so we can make it right for you..We do not issue refunds for things that can be easily attended to, mended or replaced or for things outside of our control eg the whole village experiencing a power cut or wifi service shutdown. We also do not issue refunds for fixable issues that have not been brought to our attention in time for us to provide a solution. we always value feedback and are always learning new ways to perfect your stay.




We are committed to ensuring the best standards of practice in all our activities. Visitors to our website can be assured that the protection of privacy and confidentiality are given the highest priority. All personal data is collected, held and used in strict compliance with the data protection act 1998.



We do not collect any personal information from visitors to our website other than information that is knowingly and voluntarily given. Anonymous information is collected such as the number of visitors to our website in a certain period or details of dates selected for online bookings, but it is purely statistical and cannot be used to identify an individual user. We do not use cookies to collect information from visitors to the website.



We treat any data given to us by you when making the booking in the strictest confidence. We do not sell or transfer data and we will not contact you with advertising. We do use your contact details to contact you about your booking for example to send you the booking confirmation, update you to give you check in information, it will only be about your booking. This data is kept on file and is only the information that you supplied to us on the booking form or email conversations made. If booking via our website your booking details will be stored on our booking platform called super control . If you book via an agent, they may use your data in different ways, this will be supplied on their website terms and conditions. Data regarding children is not requested and will not knowingly be collected without parental consent. You may contact us at any time to discuss this matter.



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