updated 10/01/2021

At the moment we are required to be closed by the government due to coronavirus restrictions and therefore cannot accept any new bookings even far into the future until the lockdown has been lifted . The main house and house plus barn options will not be bookable until the 'rule of 6' has been lifted unless you are a party of 6 or a family with more than 6 people living together. We will be open again for bookings as soon as the restrictions have passed. At the moment we do not know when the restrictions will be lifted. 

if you have booked and we are  required to be closed by the government then we will refund you in full.


If you have already booked with us we will continue to keep your booking,  If your booking has been covered with mastercancel please please make note of timings, you only have a specific window of time (60 days to 2 days before arrival) in which to cancel, if you want to wait until nearer the time, then the balance must be cleared no shorter than 30 days before your arrival otherwise the mastercancel will be invalidated. This is very important and you will have been sent a letter explaining your specific timescales to you. It is your responsibility to be sure these timings are adhered to.



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