we are now allowed to be open from 4th july 2020. The property is well designed with large amounts of space in communal areas so distance can be observed if necessary.

the garden is large and spacious and the house and barn are 2 separate properties but are next door so families can separate if desired we can help if need be to rearrange some sleeping areas if it helps. We have had training as have our staff to properly and thorough;y disinfect the property between bookings to keep you as safe as possible.


If you cannot come and have booked to stay please let us know as soon as possible, we will try to rebook your dates and if successful (and only if successful) we can try to refund you. If we cannot rebook the dates, alas we cannot provide a refund of the deposit, but ask you not to pay the balance, thus sharing the financial loss. You can move the date but only to an out of season winter weekend t(in december, january or february for 2001 or 2002 not including christmas, new year or half term) thus moving your deposit, but we cannot change to a mid or high season date. Dates can only be moved once and you can give this booking to a family member.

we will help you if you want to try to claim with travel insurance.


f your booking is outside the timings of the lockdown, then at the moment normal terms and conditions of booking apply. If you find that you are unable to come for any reason, then you will need to claim from your insurers.


IN ADDITION TO THIS FOLLOWING RULES ABOUT GROUPS OF 6 WE ARE NOW OFFERING THE HOUSE ALONE WITHOUT THE BARN AND WITH 3 ROOMS CLOSED TO SLEEP 6 IN 3 DOUBLES THROUGH WINTER. I AM BUSY UPDATING THE PLATFORM NOW. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DOING THIS THE COST FOR THE HOUSE GARDEN AND GAMES BARN IS HALF THE HOUSE PLUS BARN RATE. THIS WILL CARRY THE MASTERCANCEL FACILITY AS WELL. Please also be aware that if you book occupancy for more than is legally allowed then if this restriction is still in place when you intend to arrive, then unfortunately mastercancel will not be valid for your stay.It is valid for stays of groups within the law  for the barn and reduced occupancy for the house. If your legal household is more than 6 we will require a written statement via email to confirm this and describe the arrangement so as to ensure your cancellation facility is correct and valid! For bookings already made before 14 september the mastercancel is valid and in place even for thie rule of 6!! i hope this makes sense!! To sleep 12 legally the house and barn can be booked separately.Please email to discuss and i will work out a sensible solution for you!

We value communication and respond to all emails within 24 hours, if you have not received a reply then telephone or try 

luckily there is the house plus barn they are separate properties but next door, so families can separate on site.. the dining areas in both house and barn are very large to enable distanced dining.

email or 

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