The government have imposed travel restrictions until 4th july 2020. 


Because the government have imposed this, it means that neither we (the providers) nor you  (the guests) are responsible for this situation.


we will not prevent prebooked customers from visiting the property.


If you are unable to come during the restrictions, then if you have travel insurance we ask you to firstly make a claim with your insurers. Your holiday should be covered by this and you should be entitled to a full refund this way. We will help you with this. This is what travel insurance is for. 


If you do not have travel insurance then we will try to find an alternative date for you to come. The dates we are offering at the moment are any dates that are available between now and february 2021(excluding new year). We will only be able to move a booking once, regardless of future circumstance.

We regret we are unable to provide a refund.

If you want a date beyond february 2021, then you will need to wait until we know the extent of the lockdown and we will do what we can to salvage and assist when the picture becomes clearer. Our main desire is to ensure that no one loses out, but we have to maintain a vaible business for you all to visit when this is over. 


If your booking is outside the timings of the lockdown, then at the moment normal terms and conditions of booking apply. If you find that you are unable to come for any reason, then you will need to claim from your insurers.


If you are due to pay your balance for a summer booking we are asking you to not send payment for this yet. We ask that it is settled 2 weeks before your arrival date, you are welcome to phone and discuss if you are worried. We will not cancel any booking where the balance has not been payed on time, as long as it is in place 2 weeks before you arrive.  If you decide not to come then you will need to claim with insurance for the amount you have already paid.

email or 

Some of you will still wish to come! Ryton Grange will be available to you.. WE WILL NOT CLOSE, is in a lovely isolated rural setting and the property is not shared by anyone. The garden does not share space with any other property, and there are plenty of remote rural walks you can enjoy without meeting a soul. All major supermarkets will deliver, sainsburys , asda and tesco if you book your slot well in advance you can arrange a delivery for the day you arrive. We are taking measures to properly disinfect the property using antiviral disinfectant, our sheets and towels are processed by a local laundry at high temperatures , On site is a games barn, solely for your party, a large enclosed garden with climbing frame and swing and lots of toys and games inside too.So if you choose, you can co- isolate and enjoy time together it would be relaxing and a break from the turmoil in the cities. 

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